Year-Back system is now less tough for students. Here’s what your should know


VTU released a new circular on 8th Sept 2018 with changes to the Year-Back System for previous scheme CBCS scheme students i.e., students who joined during 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Please note that VTU did not make it clear if this applies to 2018 CBCS Scheme students. Here are the changes:

  1. You can enter next odd semester i.e., next year only if the number of your backlog subjects is 4 or less. Subjects means both theory and labs. This has not changed from the previous set of rules.
  2. To enter 3rd year you do not have to clear all 1st year subjects while you still should not have more than 4 backlogs in total i.e., backlogs from 1st and 2nd year combined. This is a change from the previous set of rules. Previously, you were not allowed to enter 3rd year if you had even 1 backlog in 1st year.
  3. To enter 4th year you should have cleared all 1st year subjects. This is a new rule.
  4. If your CGPA at the end of 8th semester is less than 5.0 you are allowed to appear for semester exams again after you reject the semester in full or reject some subjects from the previous semester. You can do this as many times as you would like on the condition that you should still complete your degree within 8 years since joining the 1st year.  But you cannot reject Project, Internship, Technical Seminar or Lab Courses. Apparently, this is not mandatory and you can choose not to re-attempt if your CGPA is less than 5.0. This is a new rule.

For more details check out the official circular

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