VTU Year Back / Carry Over System : The Past, Present and the Future

UPDATE JULY 12th 2015:

This is an old post written in 2012 when a group students filed a petition against the VTU year back system. The result was the Hight Court of Karnataka ruled out the petition that students should know the rules before joining VTU or any of its affiliated colleges. The current rules for year back are as follows :

1) To advance to next year, the student should not have more than 4 backlogs in the current and previous years together.

Eg: If the student is in 1st year and he has 5 backlogs at the end of the 2nd semester, he won’t be permitted to study 2nd year.

2) There should not be any backlog in the previous year (Eg : 1st year) to be eligible to be promoted to the next year(Eg: 3rd year) from the current year (Eg: 2nd year).

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News Dated August 26th 2012

Giving relief to thousands of engineering students across the state, the High Court of Karnataka has clamped an interim stay on the controversial carry over system introduced by the Visveswaraya Technological University (VTU).


News Dated August 29th 2012

The Karnataka high court’s interim order came as a relief for the students of Visvesvaraya Technological University. The HC had allowed a group of engineering students to be promoted even if they had a carry over of more than four subjects. The varsity vice-chancellor, S Maheshwarappa, however, told Bangalore Mirror the order holds good only for the 100 students who had originally filed the petition.


News Dated August 31st 2012

With the High Court adjourning the hearing on a plea challenging the varsity’s carry-over system on Thursday, the ongoing tussle between BE students and administration of the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) is set to continue. After the case came up for hearing, lawyers of a few more students who filed similar petitions against the university approached the High Court, asking that all the pleas be clubbed and heard together. Hence the hundred-odd students, who were given an interim order by the High Court granting them admission to the next semesters of their courses, will now have to wait for the final verdict.


The Carry Over System of VTU
The present carry over system of VTU specifies that a B.E. student cannot advance to next year if he has more than 4 backlogs in the preceding year. And he cannot enter the 3rd year if he has ANY backlogs in the 1st year. Similarly he cannot enter the 4th year if he has ANY backlogs in the 2nd year. This is the case with non-autonomous colleges affiliated with VTU. However autonomous colleges affiliated with VTU conduct supplementary exams if a student fails in the semester exams. Any student who thinks about this distinction asks the question “Why not the supplementary exams to non-autonomous colleges affiliated to VTU?“.
However in the case of JNTU, the major university for B.Tech. in the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh; promotion to the next year is based on credits irrespective of the number of backlogs. This kind of credit based promotion leads to stress-free environment where students who are weak academically have better chances to make-up for their backlogs.
The Petition
Over a hundred students filed a petition at the High Court of Karnataka, which resulted in a interim order saying that the students should be permitted to the next year without any restrictions. Rumors that this will be a general rule spread very quickly since VTU has not made any comments on the verdict immediately.The advocate for the students was S Armugham.
S Armugham, advocate for students
S Armugham, advocate for students
VTU’s Response
VTU , after two days, made an official statement confirming that the verdict holds good only to the hundred odd students who filed the petition.
The New Hearing
Meanwhile the lawyers of a few other students (who are going to loose an year because of the current carry over system)  who filed similar petitions against the university approached the High Court asking the petitions to be clubbed and heard together. Now the hundred odd students who filed the petition first have to wait for the final verdict of the High Court.
VTU vice-chancellor H Maheshappa commented on the interim order saying that “We are presenting our argument against this order. For students who are nor part of this petition, on which the interim order has been issued, there will be no admissionsThe focus of the students should be on studying and excelling in exams. If they do, this rule will not seem insurmountable.”
The student comments collected from various sources on the internet about the petitions:
The back-year concept does not exist in other universities in India or anywhere else in the worldl!!!! We request VTU to abolish this concept because it does not really serve the purpose of creating quality engineers. It only creates more and more stress and forces us to learn our modules just for the sake of passing an exam.

The back-year concept does not exist in other universities in India or anywhere else in the worldl!!!! We request VTU to abolish this concept because it does not really serve the purpose of creating quality engineers. It only creates more and more stress and forces us to learn our modules just for the sake of passing an exam. They only notice the student get backlog.why don’t they ensure that every college has well-qualified and quality lecturers and sufficient coaching is provided to produce quality students rather than having a system that penalises them.I request the high court to intervene,lot of student eye’s are on your judgement. I request you to cancel this system and save lives.
VTU’s detention policy for engineering students seems ridiculous. Quality production of engineers requires proper planning, quality teaching faculty, students friendly atmosphere of the college. This policy has brought down its dignity only. My son has been the victim of vtus policy. He is not allowed to stay in the hostel also. This harsh decision of vtu has compelled me to keep my son outside paying huge amount of money. The vtu has inflicted rigorous punishment on the parents through their wards. Is it fair for the vtu to send out the students from its colleges without informing/communicating their parents ? If any untoward incidence takes place, will the vtu held responsible ? The students of NE states have become the victims vtu as well as communal riots. Shameful. The Karnataka government also should not keep mum in this regard. Collective effort made by the victims(students)of vtu is appreciable. We are optimistic, hon’ble court will deliver fair iudgement for the sake these students. Paddam, Sikkim.
VTU is an educational institution and behaving like a political one. do they even know what students have to go through? in many colleges they are not given hostels because they have been detained,which forces them to stay outside without basic facilities.they’ve to struggle each and every day of their life. what about the mental frustration and torture they face..specially critical subject backs… in VTU even many toppers have faced backlogs.. and if a student is trying hard to keep up cleared all subjects so VTU’s method of appreciation is YEAR BACK, 1 subject.u can make an exception.every1 is not a born genius. there are people in administration and faculty of many colleges who cant even speak proper grammatically correct english. and wake up VTU! quality engineers does not mean they’ve to be nerds. i know a guy who is an ethical hacker and doesnt need a degree to get a job..and he is sitting with an year back.. dont measure a student’s potential according to books. i know a guy who met with an accident and was unable to appear for his exam he also got detained.that student was a topper. and if you want to give good engineers to the country reduce the pressure on students which even forces many into drugs and other addictions. giving two exams back to back one is ELECTIVE other is CRITICAL the people who set the paper can they themselves face the situation? because the student has more subjects to attend to. VTU think!!!
Is this is you call it a law? How can one get a grant of admission when others are facing the same problem? Is it not shows that people who have money to purchase the law? Mr. Maheswarapa must have to be sacked from his roles because he failed in giving the justice for many of the students. First he should be proven he was not involved in any of duplication of thesis while he was doing his Doctorate. Such rogues should be kept out of VTU to get proper justice to common students. Do not play with the life of the students. It is an alarming sign for the impotent government
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157 Replies to “VTU Year Back / Carry Over System : The Past, Present and the Future”

  1. VTU honestly doesnt give much pressure. How much ever weak the student is the paper is never too hard to get more than 4 backlogs. If you still cant clear, then sorry you are clearly not capable enough of doing engineering. Join some other courses which might be suitable to your capabilities and interest.
    As such I dont think VTU ‘plays’ with the lives of the students and stuff. It is very much fair and just.

  2. If back year student got eligible after revaluation result then started to attain the class. ..so what is conditions for them and from when attendance will count from day of one or from when they are eligible. ..Please reply

  3. please give a chance for putting challenging rv….we are so many students are failed in 2 – 3 marks so please vtu give a permission for challenging rv

  4. respected vtu students get YB bcos they don’t have gud climate condition to std …cos lots of pressure from home colleges and teachers ….!! i think all are faced these type problems …in degree y students get tensed pls understand problem of every and take rite disccision

  5. i had just 1 back log of 2nd yr and had cleared all remaining subjects bcoz of 1 sub i lost my eligibility to4th yr and 1 yr study life was wasted,vtu organization is playing pranks in students lives,plz stop this hating and dirty rules and plz denote the rules which favours students education lives ty

  6. Plz sir remove dis year bak system….just bcoz of one subject i lost two golden years of my lyf nd sitting at home lyk a psycho…help thousands of students lyf by abolishing year bak system

  7. Hi sir now I’m 6 th sem compltd but failed 1 sub in 4 th sem I eligible or not….I cleared all sub in 3,5,6 the sem…….

  8. Respected VTU plz remove yr
    back system or increase the
    backlogs to 10.or plz give
    supplementary exams as like
    atonomus and save the life of
    many engineering students.
    This is our humble request

  9. I’m lateral enentry student. Who entered in 3rd sem. Now I’m suppose to enter 7th sem and I ve no backlogs except M4.. JUST because of one subject getting year back is really horrible 😭😭 please everyone rise voice against this system. .. I ve applied for revaluation and hoping for the best..

  10. Vtu first learnt to valuate the paper properly..then only student will get pass…we dont need any extra marks….give the correct marks that how much we wrote…definitely we vl pass………

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