VTU helpline numbers and email ids

Sl. No. Purpose Helpline No Email ID
1 Queries in respect of examination matters UG Courses Bangalore Region 0831-2498139 exambangalore [@] vtu.ac.in
2 Queries in respect of examination matters UG Courses Belgaum Region 0831-2498139 exambelgaum [@] vtu.ac.in
3 Queries in respect of examination matters UG Courses Gulbarga Region 0831-2498139 examgulbarga [@] vtu.ac.in
4 Queries in respect of examination matters UG Courses Mysore Region 0831-2498139 exammysore [@] vtu.ac.in
5 Queries in respect of Ph.D & M.Sc ( engg ) by research 0831-2498142 research [@] vtu.ac.in
6 Queries in respect of examination matters PG Courses All Regions 0831-2498140 exampg [@] vtu.ac.in
7 Queries in respect of Marks card 0831-2498138 markscardenquiry [@] vtu.ac.in
8 General helpline numbers of Examination Section 0831-2498131/35/36 —-
9 Matters request personal attention of registrar (Evaluation ) —- re [@] vtu.ac.in

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  1. Sir,I have one subject back in 1st year is there any cancalation of year back and critical year back system for the 2015cbcs scheme.

  2. Sir I’m a 2010 lateral entry and 2013 passout student. I had mat dip 301 backlog which is extra sub for lateral entry students. This July 2018 I have cleared that sub in last chance. When I applied for pdc in university they are saying I have mat dip 401 also back. But I have cleared it in my regular semester. And they are asking proof for passing that subject. 1st of all neither they give marks card for that sub nor the they mention it when we clear. What to do.. whom to contact .. shall I file a case on vtu.. Please assist me..

    1. Nandan, I think if any of your marks cards do not contain the pass result of MATDIP401 then it might be sent in a separate marks card. Check with your college if they still have any of your marks cards still.

      If not, if VTU did not send your marks card to your college, then if staff from VTU are not helpful, try to escalate to some higher official in VTU.

      If that does not work either, you may try legal action. But keep in mind that it can become very time consuming for everyone involved.

      Best of luck

  3. Sirrr am 2014th batch student merge to 2015 th CBCS batch…..HIgh court was announce to One Time Exit Scheme….For 2014th batch….But wt is gng on …..Telll me sirrrr

  4. I’m student of 2015 scheme cbcs I had got year back in first year now I’m eligible for 2 year so my first year marks card of June July 2016 17 is required so please and the Lin if you one

    1. Ambarish, I think you should ask your college examination section for your first year marks cards. They get it from VTU after a month after you wrote your exam.

  5. URGENT REPLY PLEASE ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™IS vtu open on Saturday 18th August will i be able to get provisional Degree certificate on that day ???

    1. Sarvesh, VTU usually releases circulars mentioning the dates on which PDCs won’t be given by hand. As far as I’m aware they didn’t release a circular mentioning 18th August. But you should call them and verify.

  6. Sir
    What about students who didn’t get eligibility during exam held at jun 2018 for 2010 scheme students?
    Is there one time exit scheme again??
    What they will do?

    1. Sir, what about last batch of 2010 scheme. Isnโ€™t it unfair for us.? College authorities arenโ€™t answering anything they say, NO CIRCULAR from VTU. What should we students do.?

  7. Sir im d10 in 1st yr 2014 schme ..and nxt i jioned 2 2ndr & detained ..den i cn passed 1st yr all subj cn i go to fnyl yr sir.

  8. sir i am from 2010 batch and i completed degree in 2016 …but one 6th sem paper is back and this time june 2018 i attended the exam and i scored 37 but failed due to low internal marks but required 43…..but i completed 8 years of tenure and nftc is applied ……so vtu can give me one more chance to write exam

    1. Ashok, you wouldn’t have seen this circular http://vtu.ac.in/pdf/circ3676.pdf. They mention parallel classes there which I would guess you aren’t interested in.
      It is not clear whether it is applicable for everyone or only for students who are going to attend classes. But it is possible they extended the time for completion till July 2020 for everyone and not just for students who are willing to attend classes. This you will have to confirm with VTU authorities.
      You can call them and ask if completion is extended till July 2020 for your case.

      1. sir i completed my degree but only one paper is back i. e microproccessor of 2010 batch and 8 years i completed till june 2018…. can vtu give me extension for one more year

      2. Sir iam studeing under 2010 sceme now I have 1sub backlog in 3rd sem I don’t have eligibility for 7th sem so my dout is will exit scheme is applicable for me?

  9. Sir I joined engineering in 2014 I got detained and again in 2016 I got enter to 2nd year I couldn’t perform will in 4th sem I got detained now I have 1st years 3 back logs and 4 4th sem. Can I go to college this time as per but? And please suggest me who can I make possible to complete engineering.

  10. Sir,
    I wrote 3 back log exams. 2 paper from 6th sem and 1 from 5th sem. 7/8/18 the result came. 6th sem papers i passed . For the 5th sem paper, the result showing with held. Any thng i hav to do from my side to get result ?

    1. Hareesh, Don’t worry. This happens.
      Sometimes VTU holds back results for technical or other reasons. They will be announced eventually.
      Just let your college examination section know that you are getting ‘withheld’ in your results. So if VTU sends your result to college instead of announcing it on the site, they might let you know.

  11. Sir when can i expect my 8th sem revaluation results.. My date of joining is on 15th of this month.. So it ll be a problem if it comes late
    Can you please help me with it??

    1. Nikhil, VTU is doing a better job these days in terms of being punctual in announcing final year semester and revaluation results. So you can expect them as early as possible.
      If you don’t get them before 15th, you can submit your regular results to your company’s HR and then submit the updated documents once the results are out.

    1. Rakesh, I haven’t seen any PDCs for 2015 batch yet. I guess if they are going to maintain a similar format as before, they will just mention CGPA. I guess that this CGPA would be calculated from 1st sem onwards.

  12. When will VTu release Mtech 4th sem cbcs syllbus result plz let me knw
    Even i dnt hv singme marks card plz tel me what should i do plz sir
    I called VTU exam section but they didnt tell properly sir its urgent i requird marks card for my job sir as well as result

    1. Pavitra, no idea about result dates. Your marks cards will be sent to your college from VTU after every semester, so you have to contact your college first.

      1. Actually they didnt gave us sir. If i ask in colege they tld me to contact VTU but VTU people didnt respond properly plz sir its urgent sir i required marks card for my job sir otherwise i loose this job they strictly tld us sir september 3rd is my joining dateplz do help

        1. Pavitra, don’t worry. You won’t loose your job.
          As I already mentioned, your marks cards will be sent to your college by VTU after every semester. If your college tells you to contact VTU, you can first try to find out why you are being asked to contact VTU since usually people get marks cards for their college. Once you know why, see if people from VTU are able explain why they aren’t/ can’t give you the marks card.
          In the worst case, escalate the issue to higher authorities who are Principal in your college or Registrar in VTU.
          If this still does not help, explain the situation to HR in your company and they will extend your last date to sort this out.
          Best of luck.

  13. Sir , I am trying to migrate to Canada and I have enrolled in WES , WES has send my certificates to VTU for verification and there is no response from university regarding my application , Whom should i contact , Kindly help

  14. During June July 1st semester EEE exam B E 2018 I am in one subject fail . Marks obtained 14_14=28 fail And Dec Jan 2017 18 I got marks 14-23=37 so I am eligible grace marks 5 if eligible whom to contact please inform.

  15. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I was passed out in the year 2017, I’m not able to get my result of 8th sem online since i didn’t got original marks card yet…so could u please help me up?

    1. Chinna, you might be able to find your result on other sites that save VTU results. If not there is not much we can do other than getting the marks card from VTU.

  16. Sir,
    When 2nd and 3rd year for non-cbse results are announced? Plz tel me sir.. i want to join for higher education, plz help me sir ….

    1. Chandan, I have no idea when they will be announced. But since 4th and 1st year results are already announced, it is possible that 2nd and 3rd yr results will be announced very soon.

  17. sir i passed my b.e in 2017 but till now i have not received my degree certificate by post and i remember very well that address and phone no. given by me was correct , so what should i do now , do i have to go to vtu office personally to receive it or do i have any alternative

  18. Sir actully i am of 2015-16 schem i was year back student can i enter this year even whn i have 5 back logs as the year back system was removed for 2017 schemes

  19. Sir revaluation date is finished but I don’t have chance to write next time because i will get nftc is there any special cases to apply revaluation

  20. Sir actually i hav applied for revaluation but i think i have made mistake while writing my original marks in college revaluation form is there any problm because of that or what cn i do now will my marks reduce or something ??or any alternative ??

  21. Sir I am mtech autonomous student . I have nsar in all subjects and project of second Sem .do I want to clear it in fast track only or can I clear these subjects with next year second Sem students please help me with this

  22. Sir I don’t have 1st and 2nd marks card copy so please tell me hw can I get that please tell me ineeded for internship ..

    1. Prabhu, you need to apply for duplicate marks cards from this link http://vtu.ac.in/online-fee-payment/. You will get the marks cards by post, but if you need it urgently you can also get it within a day or two if you visit VTU Belgaum. I don’t know if you can get it from VTU regional centres. But you can find out by contacting the number 0831-2498138 for marks cards related queries as mentioned in the post above.

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