Common mistakes students make in VTU exam and their consequences

Many students make mistakes in filling the details on the front page, one time or the other, in the VTU semester exams. This article in intended to give an insight on their consequences. The mistakes can be classified into two types based on their importance:

The first category is the OMR marking.  Since it is both economical and fast for VTU to identify vital answer script details through OMR, they have implemented it in the recent years. There are four OMR fields:

1) Date

2) Session

3) USN

4) Questions Answered

Making mistakes in any of these OMR markings can have bad consequences especially USN. Since these markings are automatically processed by an OMR reader, any mistakes might result in scrambling of identities of papers or  incorrect valuation and the students might end up wasting lot of their time makings rounds to VTU. In case of the “Questions Answered” mistakes, there could be some problems in digital valuation especially when marks need to be awarded for wrong questions.

The second category is the handwritten details like subject code, subject name, USN, date, signature, usn and signatures on every page etc. These details almost do not matter because the front page and the top part of answer script pages are cut off before scanning for digital valuation. But in very rare cases they might result in problems which can be solved by approaching the university through your college.

** TIP : Always try to write your usn and sign on the sheets you have written since this is students-pro initiative by VTU. This is actually a measure by VTU taken to fight illegal scrambling of sheets by brokers through bribes.

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