Subject Analysis

What is Subject Analysis?

Subject Analysis is a feature on Fast VTU Results using which you can access useful statistical data from VTU results to help you score better.

What are the advantages?

Checking out the analysis of your subjects informs you of the difficulty of the subject along with the scoring prospects. You can then allot your exam preparation time based on the difficulty of the subjects.

You can choose the correct elective depending on level of difficulty of each subject especially when you want to improve your aggregate in higher semesters.

You can try to contact the toppers of the particular subject for tips and tricks.

What is the kind of data I can access using Subject Analysis?

You can access various data like Average Marks, Highest Marks, Pass %, Fail %, Marks of Slabs, Intelligent Analysis of Ease of Passing and Scoring, Top 20 toppers of the subject etc.

How accurate is the data?

The data is based on aggregation of results from the last few years. So it is definitely large enough to not provide for any errors. However the feature is under active development and we welcome your feedback or bug reports to improve it. You can contact us using our Contact Us page.

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