VTU Official Circular : Microsoft Massively Empowered Classrooms Program

The Microsoft India Research is working on a research project called “Microsoft Massively Empowered Classrooms ” to experiment with blended learning, combining online resources with the physical classroom. This semester Microsoft is doing a pilot project with VTU ” Analysis and Design of Algorithms (ADA) ” course and offering this course free of cost to teachers and students.

By visiting the website http://mecr.org every week, students and teachers are able to view great lectures on the topic they will be covering in class, delivered by experts on that topic. In addition to lectures, there are quizzes and problems to make sure students understand the material. And to make sure it all connects with the classroom, teachers are able to provide additional information, problem sets and tests to make their classes even better. Because students learn even better from each other, there is an online discussion forum for everyone taking the course across all colleges in VTU. In this way students can interact with hundreds of others students and teachers from all across the state to ask and answer questions about the course.

In order to participate, students and teachers can go to the website http://mecr.org and follow instructions present there. Microsoft Research is planning to give certificates and other incentives to students who participate actively and complete the course ( more details can be found on the http://mecr.org website).

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