Timetable for 2010 scheme 1st / 2nd Semester VTU BE BTech Theory Examinations December 2012 – January 2013

Timetable for 2010 scheme 1st Semester / 2nd Semester VTU BE BTech Theory Examinations December 2012 – January 2013


21/01/2013 10CIP18/28
08/01/2013 10CIV18/28
09/01/2013 10PHY12/22
10/01/2013 10CHE12/22
11/01/2013 10CIV13/23
12/01/2013 10CCP13/23
23/01/2013 10MAT11
16/01/2013 10ELE15/25
17/01/2013 10ELN15/25
18/01/2013 10EME14/24
19/01/2013 10MAT21

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  1. sunil says

    read revise recall until u go to exam hall

  2. mahalakshmi says

    when is 10mat21 arrear paper? now i m in 4th sem. i have back in this subject. so please tell me the date…

  3. Ramiz Haque says

    please send me the vtu 3rd sem ec time table for 2010 scheme to be held in june/july 2014

  4. leena says

    share the timetable…………..

  5. kumar gourav choudhary says

    plz send me 6th sem BE examination time table. thankyou!

  6. abhi says

    whz a procedure to get answer sheet photo copy of our written exams which are corrected

  7. hemanthkumarm says

    when was the vt
    uresults for 1st sem,

  8. sanjcena says

    sir,change EME time table

  9. Anu says

    when is maths exam is it on 24 or 23 give the right time table please

  10. Prajwal says

    Maths is on 23rd nt on 24th….. Giv re- exam 4 civil also……

  11. Rakesh patra says

    Plz don’t postponed our exam.. Bcz there are soo many north Indian students , they all are in trouble….

  12. Madhusudan yadav says

    Tanks for vtu time table

  13. Abdul wahed says

    Sir plz reply is thr any change in p cycle time table

  14. shashank says

    sir pls reply is there ny change in c cycle time table.?

  15. shashank says

    sir is dere ny further change in time table beside CIP.?

  16. Abdul wahed says

    Sir all students of p-cycle wants a one day gap b/w mat and elec . Pleeeeeez give one day gap

  17. Abhi says

    Plz giv 1 day gap for electricals… OR interchange CIP & ELE..

  18. chinnu says

    is cip exam for diploma lateral entry students also on 21 jan? i’m in 5th sem now plz let me no soon so that i can prepare
    thank u

  19. Anirudh Rajendran says

    Sir when is maths exam[M1] is it on 15 or is it postponded to 23.

  20. kartik says

    is any further change in the time table………

  21. sanju says


  22. anjelina says

    08/01/2013 10CIV18/28 wich subjct is dis???????????????????????????????????????????????

  23. vaishnavi says

    sir ,der is no gap between maths and ele so plz give atleast 1 day gap