Timetable for 2010 scheme 1st / 2nd Semester VTU BE BTech Theory Examinations December 2012 – January 2013 Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Timetable for 2010 scheme 1st Semester / 2nd Semester VTU BE BTech Theory Examinations December 2012 – January 2013


21/01/2013 10CIP18/28
08/01/2013 10CIV18/28
09/01/2013 10PHY12/22
10/01/2013 10CHE12/22
11/01/2013 10CIV13/23
12/01/2013 10CCP13/23
23/01/2013 10MAT11
16/01/2013 10ELE15/25
17/01/2013 10ELN15/25
18/01/2013 10EME14/24
19/01/2013 10MAT21

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  1. POORNIMA Y M says

    i think v wan our xams in morning time as in pu & sslc

  2. pavan says

    Usually 1st nd 2nd sem exams will be in morning sessions
    is this correct time table plz confirm it

    • satish says

      who told 1st yr exam will be in morning. jts afernoon only.

      • ramya says

        im sayng u that 1st year exam was on morning only

  3. pradeep says

    i like it
    i like it
    i like it
    time table
    thanks vtu

  4. Prashanth G says

    Sir , its not fair for 2 sub there is no one day gap please change it .i am in physics cycle

  5. Prashanth G says

    Sir there is no gap for electrical please change it .

  6. Vishwa says

    Instead of maths please swap it by ccp

  7. sujan shetty says

    which subject is 10math21

  8. prashaguni says

    There is no gap fr two subs in p cycle………. so plzzzz change the time table……..its our request…….

  9. ramya says

    thanq for giving a good time table vtu
    im very happy with this

  10. ramya says

    when is cad theory exam im nt getting

    • siddu says

      Cad will be come under lab…

  11. pavithra says

    pls give one day gap to every subject

  12. sushmitha says

    pls give one day gap for electrics

    • rohit says

      wat u have done in 4 months idiot

  13. sher bogati says

    just inter changing date of cip and electrical subject

  14. Anusha says

    after maths there is no gap for electricals please atleast give one day gap

  15. sagar says

    i like this….but
    plz give one day gap after maths..plz

  16. Anusha says

    can you please give at least one day gap for electricals it is a request from all physics cycle students or else you please change CIP AND electricals

    • Vika gowda says

      Sir pls put ele in place of cip its a request from all pcycle students

    • rohit says

      No i cant

  17. Anu says

    please change phy cycle time table no gap for electricals

  18. varun says

    when is the caed? for chem cycle?????????????

  19. RASHMI says

    we want a gap for electricals. since i belongs to EC branch. even electricals give some basics for us so we cant scip anything soooooo please give one day gap sir

  20. parvathi says

    Hey thr is no caed theory . .. Only lab. . .
    All the best guys

  21. Anu says

    give one day gap for electricals

  22. Vikas says

    Plz give gap for ELE plz plz..

  23. snehavardhi says

    please interchange electrical and cip dates sir

  24. Girish says

    I am unhappy because there is not atleast one day gap between EME and ELE, so pls provide atleast 1 day to make our result better , other wise our ELE score becomes less , Thank u

  25. maaz says

    i wish i could get some more days for maths :P

  26. sanju says


  27. vinutha.s says

    plz give atleast one day gap for electricals…………so that we can score good marks…….

  28. Anand says

    Plz postpon the exam.we wil nt prepared wel .plz being soon

  29. Prajwal says

    Plz giv 1 day gap 4 b.e.e or else set easy questn papr……

  30. Abdul says

    Dont set easy papers

    • Vika gowda says

      Sir ter is no gap for ele, it wil realy affect the result…

  31. harshith b t says

    plz give 1` day gap for ele. . . . . . . . .

  32. harshith b t says

    happy new year. . . . . .

  33. akshay says

    is this the final timtable????
    or is there any chance of this timtable getting changed??

  34. anandsagar says

    this time table is true or not? bcz in another web cip is at 7 .

  35. venkatanarashimha desai says

    vtu timetables are good
    dnt kept cip/civ compulsory pass or reduce passing marks to 10

  36. venkatanarashimha desai says

    please give 1 day gap for ele

  37. mahantesh says

    sir ther is no gap between mat&ele plese change it

  38. mahantesh says

    ples postpond exam

  39. Bhanutheja says

    Pls gv 1 dy gap fr Ele

  40. poornima says

    does exams starts from 2 pm!!!!

  41. deeraj says

    Im lovin it:)

  42. Anu says

    is this one is the final time table or if there is any changes

  43. Shreeshail.R.B says

    I like this time table sir..very very thanku sir.

  44. Bharathi G says

    please interchange subjects CIP and ELE

  45. Anusha says

    Sir is this final time tble? when was cip is 7th or 21st?

  46. Anusha says

    SIR whether the cip exam is on 7th or 21st pls tel me sir?

  47. Abhishek says

    Sir plz reduce 1 day for maths. Nd this is very helpful for al P cycls students who were poor in ele and nd dey hv tim to read d sub frm wt they h’d been afraid. And remove the fear of them

  48. Abhishek King Sachin says

    Hi VTU set all question papers are easy other wise give min5 days gap for each subjects n give me the one month holidays n reduce the c-cycal subjects n you have any doubts conatct at me. In comment.. Hi vtu boys n girls all the best for exams n happy new year n happy pongal n miss u girls …

  49. Basavaraj.D says

    Hi Vtu happy new year give me 3 days gap for each sub and inter change the CIP and maths sub. It is the humbel request for P-cycle students.

  50. jishnu says

    is there any change in 1st sem civil exam’s date

  51. Abdul wahed says

    Sir plz give one day gap between ele & mat .

    • ASHWIN says


  52. Subhajit says

    plss vtu dnt changes any exam date in c-cycle… Dnt change math exam date. It is a best exam time table.. Please,keep my request.

  53. Sonal Deep says

    is this the final timetable or it will get change?you should give gap between math and electrical.

  54. darshan says

    i am happy with the vtu time table ,

  55. sai krishna kubera says

    dont change anything., prepone back da CIPE examinations.,
    lets do party soon., rock da lyf ;)

  56. Pramod says

    Now dnt postpond exams..

  57. nithya says

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give atleast 1 day gap for ele

  58. yakshith bidirugadde says

    in maths same date or change?

  59. Prashanth says

    Please give at least one day gap for electricals it is a request from all physics cycle students or else you please change CIP AND electricals

  60. soniya hegde says

    pls give atleast a day gap fr electricals… within some hours should v concentrate on problems r theory part… cant manage…so plz….. kindly requestin…. frm ol PHYSICS CYCLE STUDENTS….

  61. vaishnavi says

    sir ,der is no gap between maths and ele so plz give atleast 1 day gap

  62. anjelina says

    08/01/2013 10CIV18/28 wich subjct is dis???????????????????????????????????????????????

  63. sanju says


  64. kartik says

    is any further change in the time table………

  65. Anirudh Rajendran says

    Sir when is maths exam[M1] is it on 15 or is it postponded to 23.

  66. chinnu says

    is cip exam for diploma lateral entry students also on 21 jan? i’m in 5th sem now plz let me no soon so that i can prepare
    thank u

  67. Abhi says

    Plz giv 1 day gap for electricals… OR interchange CIP & ELE..

  68. Abdul wahed says

    Sir all students of p-cycle wants a one day gap b/w mat and elec . Pleeeeeez give one day gap

  69. shashank says

    sir is dere ny further change in time table beside CIP.?

  70. shashank says

    sir pls reply is there ny change in c cycle time table.?

  71. Abdul wahed says

    Sir plz reply is thr any change in p cycle time table

  72. Madhusudan yadav says

    Tanks for vtu time table

  73. Rakesh patra says

    Plz don’t postponed our exam.. Bcz there are soo many north Indian students , they all are in trouble….

  74. Prajwal says

    Maths is on 23rd nt on 24th….. Giv re- exam 4 civil also……

  75. Anu says

    when is maths exam is it on 24 or 23 give the right time table please

  76. sanjcena says

    sir,change EME time table

  77. hemanthkumarm says

    when was the vt
    uresults for 1st sem,

  78. abhi says

    whz a procedure to get answer sheet photo copy of our written exams which are corrected

  79. kumar gourav choudhary says

    plz send me 6th sem BE examination time table. thankyou!

  80. leena says

    share the timetable…………..

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