Timetable for 2006 scheme 7th Semester VTU BE BTech Theory Examinations December 2012 – January 2013 Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Timetable for 2006 scheme 7th semester VTU BE BTech Theory Examinations December 2012 – January 2013


12/12/2012 06**71
15/12/2012 06**72
19/12/2012 06**73
22/12/2012 06**74
07/01/2013 06**75
05/01/2013 06**76
01/01/2013 06EVR77

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  1. manu says

    Are 7sem theory exams postponed?

  2. whether 7th sem theory exams are postponed? says

    this site is very good and we can get updated information here..

  3. manu says

    when is the exam of vtu my subject code for optional subjects java and c# for BE 7th sem CSE vtu is 06CS753
    and 06CS761 but here it is showing 06**75 and 06**76 please do reply soon ……

    • arun says

      its actually 06**75*
      here two stars for branch and last star is for opted subject. dont worry much. attend exam of 753 on 75′s date. like wise other

  4. megha says

    please send me exam time table for matdip301 and matdip401…2006 scheme…1st sem

  5. arun says

    is 7th sem
    Auditing exam postponed????????????

  6. Anusha says

    On dec 3rd it has been announced as bharath bandh… Is exams on the scheduled day or will it postpone?

  7. asha says

    whether exams on 3rd jan have been postponded again ?reply soon

  8. asha says

    is 7th sem exam on 3rd and 5th postponed?

  9. binny says

    there is bharat bundh on jan 3rd.. will our exams get postponed due to bundh.. pls do rply..

  10. spurthi says

    can anybody plz tell,are Jan 3rd exams postponed

  11. Venkatraj Kini says

    Both java and c# exams are on the same day….i.e is on 5th jan itself. Java 9:30 – 12:30 and C# at 2:00…you can check on this link

    • Anitha says

      Dude just dont spread rumours for ur time pass..

  12. asha says

    there is no any news about bandh as such… so all enjoy studies on dis new year:)lol

  13. monika says

    whether 7th sem exam which is on 5th is been postponed or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. dev says

    How come I ended up here?Anyways exam are not gonna be postponed…its confirmed.

  15. smita says

    whether exams on 3rd jan have been postponded again ?reply soon

  16. Pruthvi says

    7th sem Time table postponed r not?

  17. ashwini desai says

    is exam on jan 3rd postponed??

  18. anurag says

    whether exams on 3rd jan have been postponded again ?reply soon

  19. anusha says

    is 7th sem theory exams on 3rd postponed..?..plzzzzzz inform us fast….!

  20. Ajay says

    7th sem Jan 3rd exam is postponed or not?

    • girish t d says

      no way exams are not postponed study well…………..

  21. Kavya says

    Is exam on jan 3rd postponed…..? Reply me soon

  22. poornima says

    is exam on 3rd jan postponed?

  23. poornima says

    is exam on 3rd jan postponed?

  24. is exam of 3rd postponded ? says

    plz do reply

  25. mohan says

    exam not postponed.
    read well score well

  26. girish t d says

    hi, am in confusion about my 7th sem exam, 3rd jan subject is postponed or not…. plz i beg u reply soon……….. just clear the doubt…………….

  27. prerana says

    is exam on 3rd jan posponed?

  28. happy says

    @all..vtu exam postpone to 7th which was on 3rd..read well. check it out in vtu website :)

  29. prabha gowda says

    when is my am of operating system code 06ec751 reply me soon

  30. megha says

    whether timings is changed???…..its same i.e, 2:00pm to 5:00 pm rite????

  31. adarsh says

    is 5th exm s postponed?

  32. prakash says

    I have written two subject of 2006 scheme but in my result shown of 2010 scheme of same subject code with an absent…can anybody tell me the reason why those subject are not showing which I applied during the exam form?7th sem mechanical

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