Surveying Practice – I Friday, January 14th, 2011

SUBJECT NAME Surveying Practice – I


Exercise – 1
a) To measure distance between two points using direct ranging
b) To set out perpendiculars at various points on given line using cross staff,
optical square and tape.
Exercise – 2
Setting out of rectangle, hexagon using tape/chain and other accessories
Exercise – 3
Measurement of bearing of the sides of a closed traverse & adjustment of
closing error by Bowdich method and Transit method
Exercise – 4
To set out rectangles, pentagon, hexagon, using tape /chain and compass.
Exercise – 5
To determine the distance between two inaccessible points using chain/tape
& compass.
Exercise – 6
To locate points using radiation and intersection method of plane tabling
Exercise – 7
To solve 3-point problem in plane tabling using Bessel’s graphical solution
Exercise –8
To determine difference in elevation between two points using fly leveling
technique & to conduct fly back leveling. Booking of levels using both HI
and Rise & Fall methods.
Exercise – 9
To determine difference in elevation between two points using reciprocal
leveling and to determine the collimation error
Exercise – 10
To conduct profile leveling for water supply /sewage line and to draw the
longitudinal section to determine the depth of cut and depth of filling for a
given formation level.
Minor instruments – Clinometer, Ceylon ghat tracer, Hand level, Box sextant,
Planimeter and Pantagraph.

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