How to see the result of any VTU student


UPDATE 19th June 2018: This information is for 2010 scheme students only and so is outdated and not very useful for CBCS i.e., 2015 and later scheme students

What is an USN?

USN is a Unique Student Number or a distinct tag assigned to every VTU student which contains information like College Code, Batch, Branch Code and Roll No.

  • In the USN 1nc09ec001
  • 1nc – Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology
  • 09 – 2009 Batch
  • ec – Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • 001 – Roll No
  • Information you’ll need:
  • 1) College Name
  • 2) Branch Name
  • 3) Batch
  • 4) Student Name

If you want to see the result of HARISH KUMAR R of 2009 Batch studying in the Electronics and Communications Engineering branch of Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology

Step 1 : Find the college code from College Codes page

Eg: Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology – 1nc

Step 2 : Find the branch code from Branch Codes page

Eg: Electronics and Communications Engineering – ec

Step 3 : Enter any random USN with the college code and branch code you found in above steps.

Eg: 1nc09ec001

Step 4 : If the USN is valid continue, else repeat step 3 with a different USN

Step 5 : Click ‘List’ button to see the Class Rank List page


Step 6 : On that page find the row with the student name

Step 7 : In that row click on the button with the student name


Step 8 : If the latest result is not present click on the button ‘Check for latest result’ on top of the table


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