Refractories lab Friday, January 14th, 2011

SCHEME    2006            
SUBJECT NAME Refractories lab


1.       Preparation of Refractory Samples.
2.       Estimation of SiO2, Al2O3, Cr2O3,Fe2O3,TiO2,CaO,MgO,Na2O in refractory material.
3.       Determination of Porosity in Refractory material.
4.       Determination of Bulk density in refractory material.
5.       Determination of specific gravity in refractory material.
6.       Determination of drying shrinkage in refractory material.
7.       Determination of firing shrinkage in refractory material.
8.       Determination of Cold Crushing Strength in refractory material.
9.       Determination of R.U.L. of refractory material.
10.    Determination of Thermal Expansion of refractory material.
11.    Determination of Refractoriness (PCE) of refractory material.
12.    Determination of Thermal Spalling Resistance of refractory material.
13.    Determination of Thermal conductivity in refractory material.
14.    Determination of Modulus of Rupture of refractory material.
15.    Determination of Reversible Thermal Expansion of refractory material.
16.    Determination of Creep Resistance of refractory material.
17.    Determination of carbon-monoxide disintegration test for refractory material.
18.    Determination of loss on ignition.
19.    Determination of adsorbed moisture.
20.    Determination of chemically combined water.
21.    Determination of Bulk Density.
22.    Determination of Apparent porosity.
23.    Determination of True / Apparent Specific gravity.

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