Latest VTU Results of B.E / M.Tech / MBA / MCA All Semesters for December 2013 / January 2014 Examinations Monday, November 11th, 2013

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B.E Semester Results Announced Date of Announcement
1st semester All Regions 18-01-2014 08:15 AM
2nd semester All Regions 18-01-2014 08:15 AM
3rd semester All Regions 31-01-2014 06:00 PM
4th semester All Regions 31-01-2014 06:00 PM
5th semester All Regions 27-01-2014 06:00 PM
6th semester All Regions 27-01-2014 06:00 PM
7th semester All Regions 24-01-2014 06:00 PM
8th semester All Regions 24-01-2014 06:00 PM
M.Tech Semester Results Announced Date of Announcement
1st semester Announced all regions except few courses 21-02-2014 05:50 PM
2nd semester Announced 08-02-2014 11:00 AM
3rd semester Not Yet Announced ——-
4th semester Viva Results Announced 08-01-2014 6:30 PM
MBA Semester Results Announced Date of Announcement
1st semester Announced 01-02-2014 06:15 PM
2nd semester Announced 05-01-2014 2:30 PM
3rd semester Announced 05-01-2014 2:30 PM
4th semester Announced 05-01-2014 2:30 PM
MCA Semester Results Announced Date of Announcement
1st semester Announced 31-01-2014 09:00 PM
2nd semester Announced 14-01-2014 06:15 PM
3rd semester Announced 14-01-2014 06:15 PM
4th semester Announced 14-01-2014 06:15 PM
5th semester Announced 14-01-2014 06:15 PM
6th semester Not Yet Announced ——-

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  1. Nagreddy patil says

    we r waiting for mba 3rd sem results, when it come.

  2. latha says

    i dont no but when it come

  3. sujay says

    Wait for 3rd sem mba result ..when w’ll they announce??

  4. Anand says

    when is 3rd n 5th sem reesults of mca ???????

    • santosh says

      when dude mca results

  5. HINAN says


  6. Santosh says

    When was d b.e 7th sem result

    • ram says

      they will announce after all corrections have been done…

  7. sushant says

    when the mca 3rd sem result ll b announcing….????????

  8. Sujay says

    When is 1st sem result……:)

  9. mohan says

    when is 7th sem result

  10. Sabbul says

    when the mca 5th sem result will be announcing

  11. Dhanya says

    When is B E 5th sem results???

    • shivu says

      Hei chinnu….5th sem results wil be out on 3rd of feb….

    • abcd says

      i dono

  12. ganapati keni says

    Waiting for 1sem BE results , when it’ll come

  13. Aishwarya says

    When will be the 3rd sem results???

  14. anamika says

    when is 7th sem B.e result?

  15. anushaoli says

    Mca result of 5 sem

  16. sudi says

    wen is 06 batch 5th sem results?????????????????????

  17. Manju says

    When is b e 3rd sem results

  18. anitha says

    when is the 7th sem results for mysore region.????

  19. vinod.vinu says

    i think tdy also nt thr results for 1st b.e

  20. manjunath says

    im waiting for 1st sem b.e results. when is the results announced

  21. Anand Biradar says

    i am BE 7th sem student,so when result will come??

    • Abhijith singh says

      7th sem will be announced on 26th

  22. shruthi says

    when wil be d 3rd sem result????

  23. Mohammed Nawaz ulla says

    when does 1st sem B.E result will announce, SJMIT of chitradurga belongs to which region

  24. shreyas.aj says

    Wen is the 2 sem Mysore region result?

  25. Sushmita says

    When is vtu 3rd sem result 2013-2014

  26. Ravikumar says

    When is result for 3rd sem BE

  27. Sachin says

    Wen ll b result of 1 st sem for Bangalore ll b announced….??

  28. Smithi says

    When is 7th sem results friends

  29. Nazwaquaryounis says

    1st sem result r out or not

  30. vidya says

    when will 3rd sem M.Tech results be announced??

  31. rashmi says

    when will they announce 3rd sem M.Tech results??

    • Prakash k says

      hmmm u waiting for civil branch results na?,..

  32. kavya says

    3rd sem M.Tech results??

  33. rani says

    when will 3rd sem M.Tech results come??

  34. shilpa says

    3rd sem results??

  35. arun says

    when will 1st year BE result anounce for mysore region

  36. pradeep says

    when will be the results of 1st sem for other than belgaum and gulburga

  37. Gowri says

    waiting for 7th sem mysore region results

  38. rahul says

    when is vtu 1st sem results for bangalore region?

  39. triveni says

    when will 3rd sem results ill be announced…. y so delay…

  40. Sachinkumar C says

    When is the 1st sem BE result?

  41. rohan gowda says

    when the 1st sem result announce in banglore region

  42. RaghuRam says

    When are 1st sem Be result for B’lore region

  43. Vijay C T says

    When the 3 rd semester BE results belgaum region plz reply me

  44. Ranjitha R Gowda says

    Whens d first sem results for mysore region

  45. prakash says

    We r waiting for Be 1sem(banglore) results!!!!

  46. Prashant Karade Patil says

    Whens The 3rd sem results for VTU Belgaum region

    • padmaja says

      when is the 3rd sem BE results (for mysore region) announced?

  47. vinaykumar says

    wn 1st sem be results announced….?

  48. vinaykumar says

    wn 1st sem results announced…….?

  49. punit says

    wen 3rd sem result ll anounce

  50. abhi.patil says

    i happy with my result

  51. sarath says

    wen is B.E 7th sem results?

  52. shilpa pawar says

    when is d 3rd sem reults

  53. amar says

    wen d be 3rd sem result,..???….

  54. shiva says

    wen is 5th sem results

  55. vinutha says

    wen will 7th sem results announced?

  56. shakeel bagwan says

    when 6th sem result come…………………………………

  57. shakeel bagwan says

    koi jaldi nahi hai aaram se bhejo………………………..

  58. pooja says

    when u will announce BE 3rd sem results

  59. mahalakshmi says

    when is 3rd sem results

  60. anjali says

    please can u announce BE 3rd sem results

  61. sam says

    Whn 7 th sm rslt will anounce

  62. Anand Biradar says

    I am 7th sem be student…when result announced..???

  63. shivarajnaganasoor says

    wn vtu 5 sem rslt annnsd

  64. shambhavi says

    At wat time 7 th sem results announced

  65. anand says

    When mca 1st sem result dec 2013

  66. mamtha says

    wen z 7th sem results for b’lore region announced??

  67. rajat says

    When is 5th sem result?

  68. anil says

    vtu 7th sem result for Mysore n bglr rgn today..

  69. dilipa says

    When vtu announced 5 th sem results

  70. Tanveer pasha says

    Wen was 2 sem class will start.

  71. unknown says

    yo yavathaiiya 3rd be resultu…………

  72. supriya says

    When is 5th sem rslt

  73. Neetin says

    Wen is BE 3rd sem result? Plz reply

  74. umesh says

    when mtech 1st sem result?

  75. hanamant b says

    mca frist sem result

  76. JJEJJHHJ says


    • JJEJJHHJ says


  77. Prakash k says

    Dear frds wen mtech 3 rd sem results ll come?.

    • Satish says

      May be Along with 4th sem VIVA result..!!!

  78. Prakash k says

    supriya another 3 days for 5th sem results ,it may come?..

  79. md shahabaz hassan says

    when 1st
    when semester revaluation result announced ?

  80. ML Patil says

    Hey what yar when is m Tech 3rd sem results almost we waited for 2 months this is too much.

    • pallavi says

      hello everyone still 3rd sem valuation is going on. they are yet to do 2nd valuation papers were tough for np and ivp so. those exam got over on jan24

      • pramila boni says

        canno they valuate around say 10 to 200 answer paper of mtech
        . really bad

      • pramila boni says

        give exams and forgt the results. bcoz vtu is busy in making money in recruitments.

      • Satish says

        Only EC board subject ended in JAN, all Other Branch on DEC 10 th…

  81. sushmitha s says

    plz can u tell me when you will announce 3rd sem results for mysore region

    • pramila boni says

      ask shekrappa sir of vtu about result. vtu mtech exam got overfirst. still not giving result

  82. Raghu says

    When we will get first sem M-Tech results

    • pramila boni says

      today or tom

    • Satish says

      yours ended on jan 13th, ours on Dec 10, yet to have our result..!!!

      • pallavi says

        c satish but al they live at a time so v have to wait because java exam got over on 27jan still second valuation not yt got over so it will be delayed

  83. Satish says

    Will they Announce MTech 3rd sem result THIS YEAR ONLY ??

    • ML Patil says

      Sathish 3rd sem Mtech results May be when v finish our 4th sem exam

    • ROOPESH says


  84. ML Patil says

    hi pallavi may they have finished on 24 jan but mtech students are very few they can valuate with in few days. Do 1 thing announce the result along with 4th sem exam results. y we have to wait for them? y u have conducted those exam so late? y u finished very early for us?

  85. Praveen says

    When will get third sem results ??

  86. sharath says

    plz vtu when you people will announce MTech. results. i got job opportunity yar. pls pls dont play with our career again…. mfs

  87. Rashmi says

    When wil they announce MTech 3rd sem resultz… itz been 55 dayz!!

  88. pallavi says

    I think they wont announce 1st and 3rd sem both haramse we can enjoy this vacations instead of doing project

  89. ROOPESH says


  90. madhu says

    Mtech 3rd sem result will out today…”THE HINDU” news paper given like that

  91. madhu says

    gud luck ……..pray well

  92. bharath says 3rd sem results announced update

  93. sushma says


  94. vicky says

    Whens the. Mtech cse 2014 Results

  95. Manjunath says

    We r waiting for 1st sem m-tech result. When it comes

  96. avinash.l says

    when will the 1st sem be revaluation results will be announced………………..?

  97. arun says

    how long revaluation results take to come..?

  98. muruli says

    when may be the 1st sem results?

  99. sirireddy says

    mtech first sem results are announced for Bangalore region… only few
    colleges have got the result yesterday itself….
    so, when will all the colleges of Bangalore region will get the results of first sem mtech

  100. Santhoshkumar says

    When will come 1st sem B.E revaluation results

  101. sonali kale says

    please show the uni.pune mba 1st sem exam

  102. praveen says

    When is mtech 1st sem ccs results……what they are doing, bakwas vtu..

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