Industrial Engineering & Ergonomics

SUBJECT NAME Industrial Engineering & Ergonomics


UNIT - 1
Productivity & Work Study: Definition of productivity, factors affecting
productivity, definition, objective & scope of work study, human factors in
work study, work study & management, work study & supervisor, work
study &worker.
06 Hours
UNIT - 2
Method Study: Definition, objective & scope, charts to record movements in
shop, process charts, flow process charts, Multiple activity charts, two
handed process charts, SIMO chart, principles of motion economy.
08 Hours
UNIT - 3
Work Measurement: Definition, objectives, techniques of work
measurement, work sampling, need of confidence levels, sample size
determination, random observation with simple problems
06 Hours
UNIT - 4
Time Study: Definition, time study equipments, selection of jobs, steps in
time study, breaking jobs into elements, recording information, rating,
standard performance, scales of rating, factors affecting rate of working,
allowances, standard time determination.
06 Hours
UNIT - 5
Introduction To Industrial Design: elements of design structure for
industrial design in engineering application in modern manufacturing
Ergonomics and Industrial Design: Introduction, general approach to the
man-machine relationship, workstation design-working position.
08 Hours
UNIT - 6
Visual Effects Of Line And Form: The mechanics of seeing-psychology of
seeing general influences of line and form.
06 Hours
UNIT - 7
Color Models: RGB, CMY, HSV, Color and light, color and objects-color
and the eye-color consistency-color terms reactions to color and color
continuation-color on engineering equipments.
06 Hours
UNIT - 8
Aesthetic Concepts: Concept of unity-concept of order with variety-concept
of purpose style and environment –Aesthetic expressions. Style –components
of style house style, observation style in capital goods, case study.
06 Hours

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