Hydraulic Structures and Irrigation Design-Drawing Friday, January 14th, 2011

SUBJECT NAME Hydraulic Structures and Irrigation Design-Drawing


Hydraulic Structures
Unit1: Reservoir Planning
Introduction, classification of Reservoirs, Storage zones of a
reservoir, Mass curve, fixing capacity of a reservoir, safe yield,
problems, density currents, Trap efficiency, Reservoir sedimentation,
life of a reservoir, economic height of a dam, problems. environmental
effects of reservoirs, 6 hours
Unit2: Gravity Dams
Introduction, forces on a gravity dam, stress analysis in gravity
dam, Problems, combination of forces for design. Elementary &
practical profiles of a gravity dam, stability analysis (without earth
quake forces), problems, galleries in gravity dams,
7 hours
Unit3: Earth Dams
Introduction, types of Earth dams, construction methods,
Design criteria for Earth dams, causes of failure of earth dams,
section of dam, preliminary design criteria, problems, control of
seepage through earth dams, Safety measures.
6 hours
Unit4: Spillways
Introduction, essentials of a spillway, spillway components,
factors affecting type & design of spillways. Ogee spillway ( simple
design problems ). Energy dissipation below spillways ( hydraulic
jump- No design ). 6 hours
Irrigation Design- Drawing
Design and Drawing with all the three views of :
1. Surplus weir with stepped apron
2. Tank Plug sluice without tower head
3. Canal gate sluice without tower head
4.Notch type Canal Drop
5. Canal Cross regulator.
6. Aqeduct (Hydraulic Design only)
40 hours

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