CNC Machines
SCHEME    2006            


PART - A UNIT - 1NUMERICAL CONTROL OF MACHINE TOOLS: Fundamental concepts, classification and structure of numerical control systems, open and close loop systems, point systems, positioning cum straight cut systems, continuous path systems, coding systems, program mediums –tape format and codes, interpolators – linear interpolation, circular interpolation and parabolic interpolation, feed back devices – encoders, linear scales industosys, resolvers.
8 Hours
 UNIT - 2DRIVES FOR CNC MACHINE TOOLS: Introduction to drives, spindle drives, requirements, types of spindle drives – AC drives and DC drives; feed drives – requirement, servo mechanisms, types of feed drives – stepper motors, DC servo drives, AC servo drives, selection criterion for drive system.
6 Hours
 UNIT - 3DESIGN OF MODERN CNC MACHINES AND MANUFACTURING ELEMENTS (EXCLUDING NUMERICAL PROBLEMS): Introduction, machine structures, guide ways – linear motion guides, feed drives, servo motors, mechanical transmission systems including ball screws. 6 HoursUNIT - 4DESIGN OF MODERN CNC MACHINES AND MANUFACTURING ELEMENTS (EXCLUDING NUMERICAL PROBLEMS): Introduction, timer belts, flexible belts, flexible connections for connection encoders, spindle / spindle bearings, measuring systems. Controls, software and user interface, gauging, tool monitoring systems.
6 Hours
 PART - B UNIT - 5ASSEMBLY TECHNIQUES: Guide ways, ball screws and nut, feedback elements, spindle bearings. 6 Hours UNIT - 6INTRODUCTION TO MODERN CNC MACHINES AND MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS: Introduction, advantages of CNC Machines, CNC machining center developments, turning center developments, automatic tool changing, tool monitoring on CNC machine, other CNC machine development like adaptive control, advanced manufacturing systems, benefits of FMS, trends in adaptation of FMS systems.
6 Hours
 UNIT - 7PROGRAMMING AND OPERATION OF CNC MACHINE: Introduction to part programming, co-ordinate systems, dimensioning, axes and motion nomenclature, structure of a part program, word address format, circular interpolation, tool compensation, sub-routines, canned cycles, programming examples for machining centers, programming for turning center, computer assisted part programming, APT programming and examples, advanced APT programming statements like patters and macro commands.8 Hours   UNIT - 8TESTING OF CNC MACHINE TOOLS: Introduction, Verification of technical specification, verification of functional aspect, verification during idle running, verification of machine tool accuracy & work piece accuracy, metal removal capability test, safety aspects.6 Hours

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